Liverpool Suffer Historic 5th Straight Anfield Defeat

Liverpool have not gone from bad to worse. They’ve gone from bad for them, to bad. Then, they went through various worsening stages of bad and now they’re historically bad.

Last night’s 1 – 0 defeat to Chelsea at Anfield thanks to a Mason Mount goal was their fifth straight home defeat. It’s the first time in history Liverpool have lost 5 consecutive games at Anfield.

The fact Liverpool didn’t register a shot on target until the 85th minute is symbolic of their torporific form.

After the game, Jurgen Klopp admitted that the defending champions now face a fight to qualify for the champions league.


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“It is a massive blow. It is not done yet, but we don’t have to talk about if you lose that many games, you don’t have the right to go to the Champions League. We have to win football games and we know that and we will work on it, but for tonight, it was not enough.”

When Virgil van Djik got injured, everyone knew this season was going to be a challenge for Liverpool. However, nobody knew it could get this low. 

The pandemic conditions cannot be ignored, especially in the light of their record 5th straight home defeat. Perhaps more than any other team, Liverpool feed off of the energy at Anfield.

Since Jurgen Klopp took over, his emotional style of play was a perfect fit for the Anfield crowd. Without fans, the storied stadium is a husk of its former self, as is the Liverpool team.


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“Our situations we didn’t use. That is pretty much the explanation for the result.

“I try to be as honest as possible, I told the boys what I saw tonight. It’s not that we go for any kind of excuses in this moment.

“These games are decided in moments and to get these moments back you have to fight and sometimes at a different level. It’s not about tactics. It’s about being resilient and heart.

“We won’t blame the circumstances. There is only one person to criticise. That is me and us. That is what I told the boys.”