What Next For Free Agent Jack Wilshere?

The chasm between the career Jack Wilshere could have had and the one he had is a gaping disappointment. Jack Wilshere looked as if he was on the path to becoming Arsenal’s left-footed Steven Gerrard and England’s hero. That was over ten years ago now, and injuries have blighted one of the most prodigious talents

Patrick Bamford Showing His Worth for Leeds United

It has taken Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford quite some time to put an end to the doubts surrounding him.  A promising young striker at Nottingham Forest, he was picked up by Chelsea in 2011. Patrick Bamford then spent years in the purgatory of the Chelsea loanee merry-go-round, with spells at MK Dons, Derby and

Covid-19: How Much Has Football Suffered Without Fans?

The experience of the football fan has changed immeasurably as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  With fans not allowed into stadiums, watching a game has this inescapable surrealist quality to it. Whether you listen to bizarre artificial crowd noise, or the eerie silence of what feels like a training game, it is hard to