Italy Reach Euro 2020 Final With Penalty Shootout Win Over Spain

On the balance of how they’ve played throughout the tournament, Italy probably deserve to be in the Euro 2020 Final.

Based on the semi final against Spain, it’s hard to know who deserved to go through. Spain gave Italy a game that reminded everyone how good it is when Spain plays well at a tournament.

Ultimately, Italy needed extra time and penalties to overcome the Spanish after drawing 1 – 1 in normal time.

Spain’s campaign has almost been an apology for the fact they’re not the best team in the world anymore. They’re still Spain, though, and they showed that on Tuesday night.


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Spain and Italy are famous for playing distinct styles of football that have now gone out of fashion. Both teams have adapted, and met in the middle for this tournament.

Spain, while retaining their possession style, have been a bit more direct, a bit more vertical. Italy are still hard to score against, but now they’re exciting going forward.

Spain showed exactly what they’re good at, moving the ball quickly in intricate patterns. They pressured Italy for the whole game. If they had a world class center forward, perhaps they would be in the Euro 2020 Final.

No, it’s not the Spain of old, but Sergio Busquets is still there. His grace and elegance on the ball, the slickness of his passing was a joy to behold.


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Alvaro Morata almost redeemed his misses in the tournament with the equalising goal. However, he had two or three other opportunities when he took too many touches and let it slip.

Italy will face either Denmark or England, who play Wednesday night, in the Euro 2020 Final. They will be formidable opponents for either team.