European Super League: A Fan’s Perspective

It’s been difficult to ascertain how I feel about the European Super League over the last 72 manic hours. I support Arsenal because, well, I was told to. There are Arsenal fans and Chelsea fans in my family and the Gooners won the battle for my soul. When we moved to Ireland from England, Arsenal

European Super League Proposal Collapses

And just like that, it all fell apart. The European Super League was a brief thunderstorm, devastating all in its path before evaporating. On Tuesday evening, news broke that Chelsea were about to withdraw from the planned European Super League. Their match against Brighton was delayed due to fan protests at Stamford Bridge stopping the

European Super League: Prosed Format and How It Will Be Pulled Off

The football world is still coming to terms with Monday’s announcement by Europe’s ‘leading clubs’ about the European Super League. Arsenal, Spurs, Inter, Milan, Madrid, Atletico, City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona and Juventus intend to pioneer the European Super League. They intend to begin playing the Champions League replacement in August. By that time, it

European Super League Announced by 12 Teams

The landscape of European football is about to undergo a seismic shift following yesterday’s revelations about the European Super League. Twelve of Europe’s biggest clubs yesterday announced their intention to form the breakaway European Super League. The initiative involves 6 Premier League teams, and 3 of the biggest teams in both Spain and Italy.  From

Europa League Quarter Final Second Leg Preview

The Europa league is an arduous slog of a competition. This is particularly true in the Covid season, when fans haven’t even been able to watch the games. We’ve suffered through the group stages. The insufferable extra knockout rounds. Now, the Europa League starts to get interesting. The quarter and semi finals at least feature

Champions League Quarter Final 2nd Leg Preview

The Champions League quarter finals are finely poised, with some absolute titans vying for a place in the semi finals.   Chelsea (2) VS Porto (0) This is perhaps the easiest tie to call, with Chelsea holding a 2 – 0 away win from the first leg. Thomas Tuchel’s side are looking ominous both domestically