Real Madrid Continue To Flounder, UEFA Launch ESL Appeal

It looks like Real Madrid will get away with attempting to form a European Super League. However, they’re not getting away with running the club so poorly.

On Monday it was reported that UEFA lost its case to fine Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus for their part in the attempted break away.

A Spanish court ruled that UEFA’s disciplinary action was against European Union free trade laws. As a result, the other teams, including the Premier League teams, no longer have to pay fines. 


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Madrid President Florentino Perez has consistently insisted that the Super League is not dead. It smacks of his desperation to arrest the decline of the Spanish giants.

On the pitch, reality is hitting Real Madrid hard. On Tuesday they lost 2 – 1 to Moldovan minnows Sheriff Tiraspol in the Champions League.

Perez’ adamancy that Madrid belong in a prestigious new league with the best teams on the continent looks increasingly fanciful the further they decline on the pitch.

Similarly, Barcelona lost 3 – 0 to Benfica on Wednesday as the pillars of La Liga continue to spiral in dysfunction. 


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They’re not out of the woods yet, either. UEFA has launched an appeal, and it intends to bring sanctions upon the clubs one way or the other.

“UEFA has filed a motion for the recusal of the judge presiding over the current proceedings as it believes there are significant irregularities in these proceedings,” a UEFA statement read.

“In line with Spanish law and in the fundamental interests of justice UEFA fully expects the judge in question to immediately stand aside pending the full and proper consideration of this motion.

“Further, UEFA shall also be making a formal appeal to a higher court, the Provincial Court of Madrid (Court of Appeal).”