Premier League Postponments Were A Big Mistake

This season’s Premier League schedule, condensed to accommodate the winter World Cup in Qatar, was about to get hectic.

However, we’ve all just gone through a weekend without Premier League football due to the F.A’s decision to postpone.

The decision to suspend all football was taken as a mark of respect for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

It was clearly not thought through and the F.A will be wishing they had the moment back.


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In any other season, having to rearrange two games would not have been such a big deal. Plus, when you consider the lockdown season, postponed Premier League games are not an unfamiliar concept.

In this season, though, it has caused problems nobody seems to be able to solve. It’s not just the past weekend’s league games, the midweek Europa League games were also called off.

The problem is that there isn’t space in the calendar to put them. Arsenal now face the prospect of having to forfeit their game against PSV. This is because Arsenal are the ones who are unable to fulfill the fixture.

Between now and the World Cup break, Arsenal only have four viable dates on which an extra game could be played.

We’ve only just received word on Monday evening that the weekend’s league fixtures will go ahead, only earlier to allow for the Queen’s funeral proceedings. 


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The question everyone is asking is – why? Every other sport went ahead over last weekend, leaving the F.A looking quite silly indeed.

Football is the national sport. The games could have provided the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the monarch. Was it because fans weren’t trusted to behave themselves? Did the F.A jump the gun?

An already gruelling schedule has just become almost impossible to fulfill.