Newcaslte Takeover Will Prompt European Super League Revival

Rome wasn’t built in a day but once it was, it rippled over land, sea and until the present day. The Newcastle empire got off to a disappointing start against Tottenham on Sunday, but it won’t always be like this.

The Saudi takeover of Newcastle United has thrown football into an introspection not seen since the botched European Super League.

Looking back, it’s no wonder the teams involved were so willing to risk the attempted breakaway. They must have seen this coming.

The wealth now behind Newcastle dwarfs that of even Manchester City, several times over. Newcastle will be Premier League Champions at some point. They will also be in and around the top four and once they are, they won’t drop away.


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The ramifications for this are obvious. City and Chelsea now have a genuine third threat to their domestic dominance. Liverpool may not have enough in them to usurp the super rich teams if there’s three of them.

Manchester United and Leicester now face an even more difficult task to establish themselves in the top four. Then there’s the rest.

Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, West Ham, Aston Villa – the contenders. Such a power shift at the top of the table could relegate them all to mid table obscurity. All the above teams have a period of three or four years to get their affairs in order before Newcastle becomes an unstoppable behemoth.


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That may not be possible or even desirable for those teams, and their owners. Don’t be surprised to see another attempt to form a Super League and cling on to the riches and prestige that will come with it.

The other European powers will be concerned about the Saudi takeover, too. Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich are all looking at being strong armed out of a market they have previously dominated. 

Enjoy Jonjo Shelvey getting sent off after twenty minutes while you can.