Emporer Jose Mourinho Rehabilitating Himself In Rome

The Jose Mourinho performance may not be taken seriously in England anymore, but he landed on his feet in Rome.

It may seem odd to weary Premier League fans, but Jose Mourinho still has admirers. Particularly in Italy, where he presided over an incredible period of success as Inter Milan manager. 

So while he exists in England as a parody of himself, he is still capable of inspiring more receptive people. 


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Jose Mourinho is currently in the second year of his three year contract with Roma. Amid speculation of interest from Newcastle and PSG, he recently decided to see his contract out until 2024.

Aside from the money, it’s hard to see why Mourinho would go back to the Premier League. The Portuguese coach is onto a good thing at Roma. 

In many ways, Roma is the ideal place for a post-peak Mourinho. It’s a big, prestigious club befitting of his status but not one of the main contenders. This allows him to foster the ‘us against them’ mentality that worked so well for him in his early career. He may be a glamour coach, but he’s an underdog coach first and foremost. 

The Stadio Olympico has been one of the best atmospheres in European Football since Mourinho joined. Even Roma legend Francesco Totti is singing his praises.


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“Roma’s season finale? Now comes the delicate moment with the last months between Europe and the championship, the fundamental period where every match is a final.

“With Mourinho behind him who knows how to manage the group well, I think they can do good things.

“Is Mourinho the key? He is a key to open a door, then there there are other rooms that the players have to open… Once the players understand what the coach wants, it’s easier.”