Manchester United F.A Cup Final Underdogs Against City

The F.A Cup final will be a Manchester derby for the first time after City and United won their semi finals over the weekend. 

City enjoyed a relatively stress-free 3 – 0 win over Sheffield United, while United needed penalties to beat Brighton. Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag says his team will ‘give everything’ to win the final on June 03.

Manchester United have had a positive, albeit up-and-down season in the Dutchman’s first season in charge.


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“We will give everything and when I say everything, that is everything, more than 100% you can’t do, the fans can rely on that. We want to give that against City, we want to give the fans that,” Ten Hag said.

“I understand, of course, the feelings from the fans about it. We will do everything to give them the second trophy – everything what I have, everything the team has, the staff have, we will give everything to get it done. We can do it, because we prove it. It’s not easy though, it’s a great team, but we also have a great team.”

United lost 6-3 at the Etihad but beat them 2 – 1 at Old Trafford in the Premier League. The F.A Cup final represents the ultimate chance for bragging rights for the winner.

“We have proof [we can beat them]. We have to play the perfect game, it was the perfect game we played this season,” Ten Hag said.


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A domestic cup double, along with Champions League qualification, would be a successful first year for ten Hag. Their patchy league form and Europa League exit can’t be ignored, but the momentum is mostly positive. An F.A Cup final win over City in particular would be symbolic of a resurgent United. 

Beating City is easier said than done, though.