Jurgen Klopp Not Worried About Playing in Neutral Venues

Jurgen Klopp is biting his tongue over the possibility of his Liverpool team not being allowed to play at Anfield.

The Premier League is due to return behind closed doors on June 17th following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The league has agreed on most safety procedures, apart from the issue of Liverpool playing at home.

Liverpool, who are potentially two wins away from winning the title, seem to be the only wrench in the works. Authorities are particularly concerned that the day they win the title will result in mass gatherings around Anfield. 

As a result, some Anfield fixtures are being considered for neutral venues instead.


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Expect excuses galore upon the conclusion of this Premier League season. Some teams will justifiably say that their finishing league position is unfair. They will probably be right. However, there were no such excuses from Jurgen Klopp on BBC Five Live on Tuesday.

“There will be a few tough games waiting for us, and we will not have the help from the crowd,” Klopp said.

“But no team will have the help from the crowd. So it is the same situation for all of us, that’s why I’m not worried about it.

“We tried to simulate the situation to get used to it. We tried to train in the stadium, play internal friendlies that we just get used to it.

“Because when I shout usually in a game, ‘Mo, do this or that’, they will probably get a shock because it’s that loud.”


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“We all need to get used to it, but that’s not a problem. If only we would play without a crowd and all the rest would be like before then massive disadvantage, so it’s completely normal.

“I hope we have some home games, for us it’s only four and then five away, so we will see where we play,” he added.

“I play wherever you want, if it’s on Mars, I don’t care to be honest. But now we are here, and it looks like everyone will have home and away games, so it will be nice for us as well.”