Betfred Employees Save Life of Pensioner

A quick google of ‘betting news’ will show you a world of greed, immorality and excess. Just last week, news broke of Bet365 CEO Denise Coate’s mammoth $265 million salary. Amidst all that, there is news of underage gambling and conspiracy theories.

So, it’s nice every now and again to have a break from the corpocracy and ludicrousness of the betting industry. From the Independent comes a feel-good story that shows the oft-forgotten community aspect of gambling.

They report that a pensioner’s life was saved by two Betfred employees who became concerned that he was missing.

Betfred shop workers Jack Bell and Jamie Scales became concerned about 72 year old Michael Base when he didn’t place his usual bet.

The pair noticed that the retired chicken factory worker had not placed his twice daily $1 horse racing bet. After a few days, they went to his home to check on him.


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The Betfred regular of 13 years didn’t answer the door and so they called the police. Base had been in a diabetic coma for four days and would have died had Bell and Scales not found him.

Base spent a month on a drip in hospital and is now recovering in a residential home.

“I don’t think Jamie and Jack saved my life – I know they did,” said Base.

“I’m not sure how I ended up on the floor in a coma at home but it was obviously to do with my diabetes.

“I was only a few yards from my tablets but couldn’t reach them.”

Hans Daugaard-Hansen, of Culrose House care home in Dickleburgh, Norfolk, said: “Michael is a very lucky man. He’s a mischievous and bright fella who is lucky to be alive. He certainly loves his racing.”